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What's the cost of a business email address?

What's the cost of a business email address? What price can you put on an email these days? These days we are inundated with offers of email and it seems we have no control over the number of emails in our inboxes. But, when we use providers such as BT, Hotmail, and the like that's when businesses can suffer for example;- - Think about it, who are you promoting BT or your business?

Not only a pet hate of mine but it also screams non-professional and I see it all the time on vans, business cards etc. You see my point? Most businesses set up their Broadband with BT in the 80's and 90's and accepted their offer of an email address and have kept the same business email address "Because everyone knows it".

So a colleague of mine put me in touch with one of his clients who was having issues with their business emails. After contacting the client it seems they had a address and had recently moved their internet service over to Virgin. And here lies the problem - why would BT keep providing a service for nothing? They can pull the plug on your email without notice and all those historical emails have gone.

The solution is quite simple to purchase your own business domain now becomes

So after a day, the client's emails are now in the new inbox and the new client is happy!!

The cost of a domain can be as little as a few pounds for a year and a little time setting up your emails rather than a couple of hundred pounds rectifying a historical issue!

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